Advice on dating a younger guy

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When dating a younger man, the women should consider the maturity level of her partner, the intentions of her partner and the opinions of others.

The question of maturity is often linked to the situation where an older woman is dating a younger man.

Since it is a relatively new idea for older women to be involved with younger men, there is not a long-standing tradition regarding these relationships.

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The problem is, you think that person has to be older than you. Just as chronological age doesn’t always “cure” one of immaturity, a man can be all of these things and still be 24, 28, 30 (depending on what you consider young). You’ve told yourself you don’t really want a younger man. Regardless of how sexually permissive and progressive we think we are, there’s still a bit of eyebrow raising when a woman dates younger. And when I tell people that (if they ask or if it comes up), I either get a lilting “Reaalllly” or a “You go girl!They may be less inclined to marry right away or at all, perhaps, but that’s not the same as not wanting a real relationship. Stop it with the, “Oh but he probably wants some 21-year-old chick with perfect breasts.” There will always be scores of young hot girls roaming the planet.You’re wrong to think he couldn’t be turned on by you.They may point out something that you haven't considered and if this happens you should do your own analysis on the situation instead of allowing them to influence your opinion.Women who are involved in relationships with younger men face a unique set of challenges.

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