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The trading of goods has a longstanding tradition in the Americas dating back to the first interaction between natives and settlers/explorers.

The exchange of surplus materials for mutual benefit was an object lesson in empathy, trust and smart business that still exists today.

They were hunter-gatherers, as shown by the cave art at Toquepala (Tacna, 7600 BC).The Viceroyalty was consolidated in the 16th century by Viceroy Francisco de Toledo, who established the basis of the colonial economy: mita, a system of controlling the indigenous work force for mining and handicraft production.The mining of riches had a negative impact on the colonized Peruvian Indians, who saw their rights being restricted and their culture repressed.Certainly, this is right at TNT Pawn where we offer a trade-in on all items.We also have additional generous trade-in programs if you want to swap items you originally purchased from TNT Pawn for other products in the store.

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