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And…I only had to use one double negative to ask the questions.Well…there are some ways to check to see if everything is what we think it is… I found some good articles which should help you become a fiestaware detective… Homer Laughlin has been steadily introducing, retiring and reintroducing Fiesta colors throughout the decades so being able to spot the colors is an easy way to tell if you"re looking at a new piece of Fiesta or a discontinued Fiestaware piece.This is the definitive, official list of Fiestaware colors to date.Learn them by heart so you"ll be ready the next time you stumble upon a potential rare find.Fiestaware Colors A great place to start with dating Fiesta is the color.So your water pitcher could be from 1986 and not have a raised H on the bottom. If there is a dimple on the inside of the pitcher, where the handle top joins the body of the pitcher, then your pitcher is post-1986 and not vintage.

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In many instances, that red or blue plate might resemble Fiesta, but it isn't.

• The "F" in Fiesta: The oldest Fiestas has a lowercase "F" that is connected to the rest of the letters. Here are a few of the essential Fiestaware books that I recommend: • Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman • Homer Laughlin: Decades of Dinnerware by Bob Page, Dean Frederiksen and Dean Six • Warman"s Fiesta: Identification and Price Guide by Glen Victorey These resources should be enough to get you started.

Is the hamburger we see posted above made of all 100% beef.100% all chicken and turkey? and not something we would not love if we knew the truth about it.

You can begin to put your pinky inside this "hole".

See the above photo of the insides of the red water and yellow juice pitchers for an example of the smooth, hand sanded insides. The vintage glazes were much different than those being used today.

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