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John Abbott is Director of Museum Research and Collections for the University of Alabama Museums.

His research focuses on aquatic insects, particularly the systematics and biogeography of dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata).

He has served as President of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas and as their Editor-in-Chief.

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Perfect for special occasions, our fondue restaurant hosts small and large parties with ease.He'll be presenting the concurrent sessions "Dragons & Damsels: Creating Water Features to Attract and Nurture Our Dragonflies and Damselflies." To see the entire weekend schedule of events and field trips, and to register online, visit You're in Alabama, but much of your focus on aquatic insects has centered on Texas. Having said that, Texas does have the greatest diversity of dragonflies and damselflies in the U. What kind conditions are necessary for these insects to thrive?Alabama is #1 in many freshwater groups (fish, turtles, salamanders and mussels for example), because of the diversity of freshwater environments.Old pines and fire-maintained forests characterized the natural landscape 200 years ago, but these conditions today are found mostly on public lands and only a few private properties. My work has been exclusively on the last two populations remaining on private lands in Alabama, one south of Hurtsboro in Bullock, Macon, and Russell counties and one on Mitchell Lake in Coosa County.One of the most important things I do is installing artificial roost cavities in trees that otherwise are too young for the birds to use.

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