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Instead of thinking of them as means of foreign imperialism, they should be regarded as free knowledge which we can tap to advance our culture.If rock music is an American genre that has made its way to the minds of the Kapampangan people, then so be it. Whether our musicians decide to blend rock music with perceived native styles is subject to their creative discretion.It is who makes the most out of an idea who shall be known by the people.

To base it on pre-colonial culture is an unwise move, as even our pre-colonial culture could have been a mixture of what our ancestors thought of then as indigenous culture; foreign culture that found way to the lives of our ancestors through trade, intermarriages, and migration; and ideas born out of sheer creativity.

This is a capitalist illustration of how things progress through competition and continual exchange of ideas.

Going back to the formation of a definition of Kapampangan, thus, foreign ideas should not be hated and neglected.

It can either manifest materially (tools, shelter, clothes, food, etc.) or immaterially (values, ethics, norms, laws, religious belief, language).

The next thing to understand is that culture is alive. It changes based on the present needs (and wants) of the community members and continually blends with external influence, especially now that ideas can be shared in seconds through communication technology, unlike in the ancient times when direct human contact and communication were needed for information exchange, which resulted in slow and unnoticeable cultural change. Different cultures influence one another, and it is through these “cultural marriages” that ideas are either born in new forms, mixed forms, or merely reproduced as they are (especially if the powerful culture is wed with a weak, minor culture, the latter’s “cultural genes” may not surface at all in their “child”), similar with how humans perpetuate their species through sexual reproduction.

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