Denny hamlin dating anyone

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The couple recently revealed they are expecting a baby boy, in the coolest gender reveal, complete with Joey’s racing cat and blue exhaust smoke!They do say that only one athlete can understand the life of another, and in that case, this couple is a perfect match.The road to true love didn’t exactly run smoothly, and the pair has been on again off again over the years.They now have 2 children together, their four year old daughter Taylor, as well as a new baby girl Molly Gold, born only recently on August 15th 2017. What do you get when you put two NASCAR drivers together?

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If your knowledge isn’t up to scratch on NASCAR superheroes, you might think we have a double entry in our list.You only have to check her out on social media to see what an effect it’s had on her life.One of her favorite experiences seems to have been competing alongside her husband in the Better Half Dash event.She specializes in rehabilitation for patients who have suffered from brain injuries.The couple got married in 2009, and have two children, a boy called Michael and a girl called Anne.

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