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Psychic readings, séances and graveyard tours attract roughly 500,000 tourists each year.The Witch Museum, the original home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, who lived during the witch trials, stands as one of the remaining buildings of the original settlement linked to the trials.Every year, cities throughout the US have embraced the Halloween spirit by hosting various haunted houses and costumed parades, and decorating notable landmarks and buildings in a ghoulish fashion.

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A historical cemetery tour will be led by professional and volunteer thespians, who will give a special story to notable individuals laid to rest.

Here at Oliver’s Travels, we really like things quirky.

It’s our philosophy that when you go on holiday, wherever you’re staying should be just as beautiful and memorable as the country you’re visiting.

The historic French Quarter is famous for several ghost sightings, perhaps the most famous one being at the La Laurie Mansion.

Here the lavish socialite Madame Marie Delphine La Laurie hosted decadent parties while a darker story unfolded just upstairs.

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