Dynamically updating copyright dates

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An on-line electronic manual is provided to make using the system a breeze.

A tutorial is available for one to practice before implementing the software.

And, a report scheduler is provided so that you can prepare up to eighteen reports at a time with a single command. This allows one to change entire categories of accounts with just a few commands.

But rather than starting from scratch, I prefer to open an existing script and "Save As" the new script name.

This allows me to modify a script file that has features I know works.

I prefer recording into an action (such as one named "Recording") that I have deleted from the Runtime Settings' Logic section. As you record, insert each identifier from your list after each action.

After the default Action section is deleted, it still appears in the list at the top of the icon list, but is shown with a grayed out icon. I do this to avoid accidentally running recorded scripts before editing, which I've done too many times because new actions are automatically added to the Logic list in Runtime Settings. Record several actions in sequence (rather recording one action, then stopping and starting with another action).

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