Fastlife speed dating experience dating and kissing games for girls only

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After the first few rounds you have an idea what to say and it becomes less exciting and nerve wrecking. I asked him why he matched with me--I asked if it was because of attraction, my personality or a mixture of both.At about the 5th round I felt like there could be some potential with some of these men. He then told me that he forgot what we talked about but that he thought we clicked.She also told the girls to give her a “look" if we needed saving.I then decided to get a drink to help me loosen up.Part of what makes it better than just meeting some dude at a bar is you don't have to guess if the other person is single or what they want; everyone there should just be there because they want to date.It also clears up any missed connections since at the end of the round you can decide to match if you want to get in contact with them (but it has to be mutual.)Needless to say, I'm a hopeless romantic and I truly feel that if you want something out of life you have to put yourself out there. I've been putting myself out there for a few months since I've been single and I thought why not speed dating?Needless to say, I had to wait a few months for an event that I could attend.

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And in this modern age where everyone is busy, some mediums that aren't traditional might just work. It took me awhile to actually sign up for a specific event. I actually was 20 when I bought my voucher to attend a speed date, however, I didn't realize that I had to be 21.

After the first date some of the dates became jumbled and not memorable.

Some of the guys seemed to have what they are saying rehearsed and I felt like it was disingenuous. I met a doctor, master's student, scientist, fraternity man, start-up guy, retired business owner and a pilot. I wasn't sure if I should make the first move, so I didn't. The scientist never contacted me but the pilot has been texting me since the day after the event.

I felt a bit uncomfortable but as I saw the other speed daters I felt more at ease.

It was located in the heart of LA and luckily it was moved to the most visible bar very last minute.

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