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Two Royal Marine corporals ran a Deal Or No Deal-style forfeit game in which fellow troops were forced to perform disgusting or brutal tasks, a court martial heard.

Corporals Philip Beer and Danny Foster allegedly oversaw a nightly gathering called 'family time', during which they harshly punished 'professional failings' such as spilling coffee or mistreating kit.

The 'victim' marine, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: 'There was a Power Point presentation and the forfeits would be projected onto the wall and others would be holding bits of paper with numbers on.'On one occasion, I had two boxes (choices) left and we would usually get a swap offered by whoever was the banker.'Foster knew I had Django and would not let me swap because he knew I hated it.'I had to take the punishment - there was a metal pull-up bar in the gym which you would hang from and be whipped.'Corporal Foster was not there when I was whipped, I had to have another marine do it and be my witness.'There were different things used to whip you - on this occasion I was whipped with a rubber exercise band and then left hanging there afterwards.'During cross examination by Gareth Evans, who represents Foster, the marine said his time with 43 Commando had led to him developing post traumatic stress disorder.

In one scene in Django Unchained, a black slave is chained upside down and whipped.

Each box contained a punishment and one of the troop act would as 'The Banker', offering different punishments to the marines, the court heard.

The men could then choose to accept, just as contestants in the real show would be able to take money offered to them.

Describing how the punishments would come through a game of Deal or No Deal, Lt Col Coombes told the hearing: 'A person playing the banker could offer punishments throughout the game.'In this incident the complainant tried to swap his box, which was part of the game, but Foster refused to allow him to do this and instead imposed Django, which was the offered punishment.'In the third charge, another marine was given the 'new born baby' punishment and was required to shave off all the hair on his body.'The complainant had two boxes left in a game of Deal or No Deal, when Beer, who was playing the banker, made an offer of the new born baby punishment.'When the complainant was not willing to accept it, Beer told him he was going to receive it anyway.'He told the court how the final charge also related to the 'new born baby' punishment.

'Beer asked the complainant if he had shaved all his hair,' Lt Col Coombes told the hearing.

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