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What most television viewers share in common is a dislike for commercials.

However, some advertisers have started making hilarious ads that even the most devoted television watcher does not mind seeing them.

However, many do not know that the director initially wanted a young man to play the role but they eventually chose Jonathan Goldsmith after his wife, who is a manager, recommended him. Magnum is a well-known ice cream brand that makes a delicious product.

Magnum made a great advertising decision when they cast Rachel Bilson for their commercials.

We also take a look at what the actor looks like when they’re not in costume and what they are up to today.Sometimes it seems that the commercials between the show go on forever, so people have come up with ways to avoid them at all costs.Whether you watch your television shows online or you have a DVR that skips them entirely, most of us try to find ways to get back to our shows without having to view ads.The commercial was appealing to all as it made men laugh and women swoon.They have even racked up millions of views on You Tube.

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