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For example, in most Roman-style hammams, one finds a cold pool for full submersion of the body.

The style of bathing is less preferable in the Islamic faith, which finds bathing under running water without being fully submerged more appropriate.

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One of the volumes, entitled The Mysteries of Purity, details the proper technique for performing ablutions before prayer and great ablutions after physical activities deemed unclean, such as sex or defecation.In the Islamic hammams the bathers splash themselves with cold water.The Victorian Turkish bath was described by Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Thudichum The discovery that was lost and has been found again, is this, in the fewest possible words: The application of hot air to the human body.It is not wet air, nor moist air, nor vapoury air; it is not vapour in any shape or form whatever.It is an immersion of the whole body in hot common air. It is customary before praying to perform ablutions.

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