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Yesterday the Home Secretary refused to say whether counter terror officials had had information on one of the attackers before the bombing.When asked during an interview if it was concerning the suspect might have been already known to Scotland Yard, Mrs Rudd said: 'It's much too early to say that, we have one arrest and we have an going operation.'But then she added: 'When we have more information, we will be sharing it.' Mr Trump's tweet also angered the Prime Minister who said: 'I never think it's helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.'She later challenged the president in person when he called her to discuss the case.Amber Rudd appeared to hit out at Donald Trump after the US president claimed on Twitter that the Parsons Green bomber was known to police before the explosion.

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I think his sentiment was that the international community stands together in facing this threat.'I think we can take that as being a good thing.' Keith Simpson, a Tory member of the Intelligence and Security Committee ahead of the election, last night told Mail Online Mr Trump's tweets would alarm some in Britain who could fear the security services knew of the plot and let it go ahead. Mc Master (right) told reporters at the White House on Friday that Trump wasn't speaking about any particular terror suspect when he claimed Scotland Yard had already had Friday's Tube bomber on its radar More than seven hours after the terror attack in Parsons Green, police in London are still refusing to confirm whether they have a suspect.

The country's top counter-terrorism officer indicated that a potential network of plotters could have been involved.

A Scotland Yard spokesman criticised Mr Trump, saying: 'The comments are unhelpful and pure speculation.

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