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So in the first stages of dating, you would do well to indulge your partner in time-honored traditions.

Take out your ESFJ girlfriend to a dance at a swanky nightclub and then follow it up with a fancy dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

This need for constant appreciations may get a tad monotonous so that at times they may even come off as emotionally needy, especially to partners who are more self-sufficient in their psychological makeup.

However be patient with your ESFJ partner and remember that to them constant and positive feedback is like life-breath, without which they could feel neglected and unloved.

The bent for tradition however among ESFJs makes them sometimes hesitant to try out new things but once you approach them with love and assurance they are sure to feel confident of going along with your wishes.

This is because their Feeling nature makes them eager to please their partners and will thus willingly take the initiative to make you happy.

The ESFJ’s love for tradition is also reflected in their frequent hosting of friends and families.

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So if you are thinking on the lines of a future with your ESFJ partner, you now know how to hold onto them.

Therefore in dealing with ESFJs you need to remember to temper any criticism with a lot of positive affirmation.

Also don’t forget to assure them time and again about how loved they are and how important is their contribution to this relationship.

To impress your ESFJ boyfriend on a date, turn out in stylish evening dress but which is neither too revealing nor too mundane.

Over time show that you enjoy fulfilling the traditional roles in a relationship like baking cookies on weekends or taking responsibility for major expenses around the house.

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