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There is no easy solution to Japan’s economic problems.When considering the two fundamental components of GDP growth – increases in productivity and increases in the number of hours worked (i.e., population growth) – the country struggles with both.Japanese stocks may provide better inflation-adjusted returns relative to US stocks, but associated risk/volatility is higher.

Japanese Penpals and Chat Friends is managed by Japanese Transcontinental Network (JTN), an independent volunteer group which supports Japanese students who are studying English language and foreign people living in Japan.Without some combination of increased birth rates, immigration, spending cuts, and/or a productivity boom, the debt situation and economic squeeze will grow progressively worse.Non-seasonally adjusted productivity has flat-lined since the financial crisis: On the matter of population growth, high life expectancy and sub-replacement fertility rates (1.4 births per woman in 2016) are likely to see Japan’s population reduce from 128 million in 2011 (its peak) to 88 million by 2060.We are also promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between people of foreign countries.You can search and contact Japanese and other people in the world in this page, and also place yourself on bbs so other people will be able to find you. All messages on our bbs are REAL messages from Japanese people.

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