Nds sprung the dating game cool

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Narcissists go into rages in which they blame and criticize others.They seem like small children throwing huge tantrums, frightening those around them.They will always blame you-even for their abuse toward you. If only you weren’t so difficult…you made her so upset she couldn’t think straight…your talking pushed him over the edge…and so on.

They feel they are superior to you and that you have displeased them; therefore, they feel you deserve whatever punishment they will dole out.In order to avoid shame, which the narcissist avoids at any cost, he externalizes blame for all negative events.As he thinks that someone must be guilty, he almost always attributes the blame to others.The narcissistic parent will say,”Don’t make me hit you” or “You have only yourself to blame” as they hit the child with a strap or belt.The narcissist is excessively critical and demanding of his spouse.

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