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"We were all working late nights, and he would rub the shoulders of a young executive and kiss her," he says. He would talk about his sexual exploits in front of everyone, including women.

He would show photos of nude women on his phone in front of women, who were all aghast." Fields began his career at CAA in the late 1970s.

Another source says Miramax received complaints about Fields' behavior and eventually severed his freelance relationship with the studio.

Still, Fields remained in good standing with Kavanaugh and in April 2016 was hired as Relativity's co-president of production.

"He was one of my bosses, and I didn't want to rock the boat.

There were other women whom he was doing this to, and I just felt like I didn't want to lose my job or get in trouble over saying something.

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"It was unwelcome and invaded my personal space, and it made me feel very uncomfortable, particularly because he was my superior." Kinsella, Fields' lawyer, says in a statement: "Mr. This is an obvious attempt by some at Relativity to intimidate Mr. It seems hardly coincidental that these stories from unnamed sources are surfacing in the press just now, a few days after Mr.Relativity is being represented by attorney Neville Johnson.One former male staffer who declined to be named said several Relativity women not included in the five above, and one non-employee who did business with the studio, complained to him about Fields on separate occasions for popping up on their Facebook pages, posting comments about their figures and making inappropriate verbal remarks about both sex and drugs in the office.Her agent was able to insulate Dixon from further contact with Fields on the set. So Adam wasn't entirely banned from the set." Instead, Fields went on to oversee and executive produce other Relativity movies including , even as at least one other studio was trying to keep him from visiting its set (in an ironic twist, it was The Weinstein Co.).In 2012, Miramax's Richard Nanula — who later became engulfed in scandal after stills from a sex tape he purportedly starred in with a porn actress surfaced online — handpicked Fields to oversee production on , sources say there were concerns about him visiting the Austin, Texas, set of the film directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller because of a reputation for unprofessional behavior that stretched back to creator Joe Francis' compound in Mexico, which he used as his own, according to one member of the producing team.

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