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“To live in Los Angeles with one leg, no car and without being able to drink? A recovering alcoholic, with no car, though thankfully, all limbs intact.

However, instead of a missing leg, the monkey on my dating back was being “older” and divorced. Praying she was right still caused me some anxiety.

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“I’m going to be one of the most important men in your life, other than your daddy.” He joked in a way that could have sounded ridiculous but somehow didn’t.

I found solace in complaining and obsessing to Joan, my gorgeous barista friend. Bantering back and forth on Facebook, the conversation quickly progressed to text, and within minutes we had planned to meet over the weekend for lunch.

She had hot pink hair swept up in a messy bun, and was covered in tattoos. “That was too easy and fast.” I said, a little shocked at getting exactly what I needed at that moment.

He would nod at me, my drink would be ready to go by the time I walked up to the register from the door.

Then I heard he quit and didn’t think much of it, too busy with my life to notice.

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