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Our meals are tested and optimized under the watch of our co-founder, Dr.

Michelle Davenport, Ph D in nutrition, and Registered Dietitian.

All of the oils I am posting with a Gold label are a part of the Young Living Ancient Oils of the Scripture Kit CASSIA Well it…

I’ve made several German recipes for my kids’ high school German classes over the last few years.

We test everything from dice size, to cooking temperature, to make sure each meal can be homemade safely, easily, and deliver the most nutrients possible.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Because our meals are raw, diced, plant-based ingredients, you can steam and blend into purées, or steam and serve as finger food.

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Continue Reading For years you have been asking me for one BIG thing: a PRINTED physical booklet of my popular best selling digital e-book, Homemade Mommy Beauty Essentials. Continue Reading Everyone knows pain from sore muscles, arthritis, creaky joints, back and shoulder issues and bumps and bruises can be downright annoying if not excruciating. Continue Reading 30 Tips for Real Food Newbies What are fermented foods? Why saturated fat is here to stay The missing nutrient: Vitamin K2 The Nutrient Your Grandparents Got that is Missing From Your Diet The Easiest Way to Make Odd Bits 4 Sacred Foods to Promote Fertility I was making a refill today and wanted to share with you a video tutorial of my easy peasy homemade foaming hand soap. VIDEO TUTORIAL – How to Make Easy Foaming Hand Soap You can check out my recipe for easy foaming hand soap here and if you are ready to get… I came across this JAW DROPPED quote yesterday and it made me realize I have been holding back on you.While I won’t take you back to science class, I can tell you that this process is a het activated reaction between small sugars and amino acids.“Dipping dough in lye alters the ratio between sugar and protein, because lye breaks proteins present in the dough into smaller bits.And now IT’S HERE in printed format and a fully updated digital format with a few BRAND NEW recipes! What is even more annoying is not being able to find a pain relief cream that works that is non-toxic without petroleum derived ingredients or GMOs or parabens. Continue Reading Confession…I love my hair but really have longed for a non-toxic non-chemically treated hair dye solution to my gray hair. Continue Reading I am so passionate about nontoxic living because it’s just not cool that the number 2 cause of death in the U. I do not suffer from the fear of success, however, I do suffer from the fear of the spotlight…. There are tons of references to essential oils in the BIBLE.My hair has been gray for as long as I can remember. I am posting about a few on here so you can follow along!

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