Western knife dating

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I have seen lots of photos of them worn by naval aviators but unfortunately have not been keeping a photo reference of them.Here is a pic of a naval aviator wearing the flat pommel western.WESTERN cataloged this as their G46-8 and I've heard it called the "8" fighter".Developed during WW2 Western Cutlery hoped to sell it to the Marine Corps to fill their need for a fighting utility knife. Beautifully made and finished piece with a bluing comparable to that seen on pre war guns.Here is a photo of my one and only Western, a common shark knife that belonged to a naval aviator.

If folding knives and pocket knives were developed as tools, fixed-blade knives began their history squarely as weapons.Western Boulder, Colo USA Bowie Knife 1964 – 1967 I came across this Made in the USA Western Boulder Colo Fixed Blade Bowie Knife & Sheath at a garage sale not long ago. The next day I used ‘er to put a whippin’ on a few branches I wanted to bring down to size and she performed marvelously.Then came dating this knife – I had to know how old she really was.They were known as the Offical Boy Scout Sheath Knife. In the decades that the BSA versions were made, most had a Boy Scout symbol stamped on the blade, but some had only an easily-worn-off etch and a few (the very earliest from Western) had only the Boy Scout symbol on the sheath snap. I have a 66 in a dual knife set and while I don't take it in the woods anymore due to it's value I will say in 2010 I broke down 3 deer and butcher the spines and ribs out and it was still sharp when I was done. Strange choices in the senses that: 1) there are U. sources; and 2) the Helle knives go for well over 0, placing them out of reach for most Scouts.I would have had to hit the stone after each deer with my Bucks.. They are certainly high-quality knives, but an ESEE, Ka-Bar, or TOPS would work at a far lower price and help out economy instead of Norway's.

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