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We’re broadening it a little to include other titles with a strong femme appeal.Four single ladies in New York navigate the modern dating scene.Truth and realism would have served the story well but instead it’s sometimes distractingly artificial, from Leslie Mann’s boyf’s totally cool reaction to finding out she’s pregnant to another man, to Dakota going to her recent ex’s Christmas party, to Rebel Wilson announcing she’s super rich and working at a paralegal firm for fun.‘How To Be’ could have been a great ode to the A quirky English woman (Clarke, ‘Game of Thrones’), recently laid off from a village cake shop, is hired by parents to be an assistant for their recently paralysed son (Claflin, ‘Love, Rosie’).The lesson here, of course, is that first impressions are crucial.Successful interviewees need to express confidence, friendliness, and intelligence immediately to have the best chance at a successful interview.

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Science says it’s true, but what about anecdotally? In Brad Pitt’s case, it’s a tougher case, although I think we can all rule out full-beard Brad Pitt. What about someone we’re less accustomed to seeing with a beard?

By which I mean: You’re chances of getting fucked are not as high. | Can You Pick Out The Frankensteined Pieces Of The 'Most Desirable Face'?

Indeed, a study in the 1970s and another one three years ago come to similar conclusions: Women are more attracted to, and more likely to develop a long or short-term relationship with, men with light beards or stubble. Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter.

Helmed by an acclaimed theater and TV director (‘The Hollow Crown’) from a script by the writing team behind ‘Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘500 Days Of Summer’, this is based on the well-reviewed Jo Jo Moyes’ weepie bestseller.

The movie plays like ‘Cinderella’ meets ‘My Left Foot’ but does have a positive message at its core (more so her acceptance of him, than his acceptance of quadriplegia).

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